Experiental Knowledge For Sustainable Change

Experiental Knowledge For Sustainable Change There are people that are committed to "on-off", and they can not envision that there is another way. So how does the fact that there is another way come into existence? It's experiental. So much human communication is nonverbal, something like 80 to 90 percent. If you lived all your life in a one-step environment, unless you have the experience of what it is like to really do critical thinking (for long term goals), to really take responsibility for...
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First Time Manager

First Time Manager -Learning The Ropes How To Get Others To Help You Inevitably, as you learn to become a manager and try to take initiative, at your job, you will need the help of others. Getting the help may have less to do with your formal position and more to do with your strategy and approach, which can range from a simple favor to convincing others to accept a priority of yours as if it were their own.  Here are important points to keep in mind: Define What Needs To Be Done The mor...
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The Coach Profile

The Restaurant Coach
My passion for food and wine has turned into a successful twenty-five year career in the hospitality industry. I learned the restaurant business intricacies from two icons in the industry: Erwin Doebeli and John Bishop in Vancouver. I worked at The William Tell, Il Giardino, Bishop’s, C, Hotel Vancouver and The Wedgewood, all well-known for their exceptional customer service and their unique concepts. I am a veteran of the hospitality industry and through the years have worked at all levels of r...
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