Experiental Knowledge For Sustainable Change

Experiental Knowledge For Sustainable Change There are people that are committed to "on-off", and they can not envision that there is another way. So how does the fact that there is another way come into existence? It's experiental. So much human communication is nonverbal, something like 80 to 90 percent. If you lived all your life in a one-step environment, unless you have the experience of what it is like to really do critical thinking (for long term goals), to really take responsibility for...
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Computer Courses

2018 FALL SCHEDULE   TITLE:  Before You Start Your Website Information Session - Learn the planning process and online requirements in order to build a website. This session will guide you through the basics of understanding and setting a Wordpress site. Receive information about: domain name and registration; website hosting services; installing WordPress; search, create and manage content; building pictures portfolio. Handout provided.   DATE: Tuesday, September 25  ...
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Wine Tasting Event

Plan A Special Wine Event Let your corporate function, private meeting, bridal shower party, fundraiser, team building, or get-together with friends be one of a kind event.   If you have been in charge of planning a party and you want an alternative to the traditional get-together potluck, then let TRC organize a special wine tasting party. I offer different themes depending on your group size, profile, and budget. The event can be held in the comfort of your home, office or ...
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