GIMP – Tutorial

GIMP –  Image Manipulation Program

GIMP is an open source image editing software. It is the best FREE alternative to Photoshop on the market. GIMP is powerful and has all the features that other software programs offer, and handle the majority of website or graphic design projects. Learn GIMP basics function and the creativity and the possibilities are limitless.


Why do you need to learn GIMP:

~~ You can create your own artwork, exactly how you want it.

~~ You save money. You don’t have to pay someone to design posters, business cards, flyers, etc.

~~ You can edit your digital photos, and achieve the same results as a professional.

~~ You will be more efficient and creative. It is a visual world. A picture is worth a thousand words.

A private one-on-one tutorial can be held in the comfort of your home or office, even at your favourite coffee shop. You choose the time and the date to fit your schedule.

Hourly fee: $60

Contact me by email or call my office 250-474-1195.