Restaurant Employee Training

-Know-How-  Training Series

Depositphotos_3119981_L - CopyTRC has launched ‘Know-How’ workplace employee training workshops. It is a training series for the hospitality industry. Each session is designed to teach the fundamentals of one job/position in the restaurant business. The express learning approach is based on the boot camp concept of focus, condensed training to acquire skills quickly. It will teach a clear picture of what’s expected of employees in a restaurant business environment. Your staff will learn quickly the skills to function in a busy environment of the average workday in the food service industry.

A boot camp is a convenient and practical training method. It has many benefits such as being time and cost effective, adaptable to your needs, and has a positive impact on your team. It delivers ‘how-to’ intended to help your staff improve their performance. The training session duration ranges from 1 hour to a full day. Your employees will gain new skills that they can put to work right away such as:

  • Service priorities and timing.
  • Up selling.
  • Taking an order courteously and correctly.
  •  Bartending lab.
  • Wine service & sales.
  • Food and wine pairing made to match your menu.
  • Guest communication and how to deal with difficult customers.
  • Skills & knowledge for first time manager.

Great servers aren’t born…they’re trained!

Pay for what you need.

  • $100.00 / 1 Hour
  • $155.00 / 2 Hours
  • $280.00 / 4 Hours
  • Full day negotiable rate

Contact the office at 250.474.1195

Email:    micheline (at) therestaurantcoach (dot) ca