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First Time Manager -Learning The Ropes

How To Get Others To Help You

Inevitably, as you learn to become a manager and try to take initiative, at your job, you will need the help of others. Getting the help may have less to do with your formal position and more to do with your strategy and approach, which can range from a simple favor to convincing others to accept a priority of yours as if it were their own.  Here are important points to keep in mind:

Define What Needs To Be Done

The more you can identify specifically the help you need and the tasks to be done, the better. Fuzzy instructions to achieve a task lead to a fuzzy result. By defining step-by-step for the task required, you increase the likelihood of success.

Ask an Individual For Help

When you make a general request for volunteers during a busy shift, workers often interpret it as “whoever doesn’t have much of anything to do can work on this.” Your chances of getting someone to volunteer for it tend to be slim. If you think about who might best be able to help with the task and then specifically ask that person for help, your odds of getting that person to accept increase dramatically. “Paul, I want to put together a special dessert package for our Birthday Party to take home, and I would like you to wrap it for me. You are very artistic and I need your creativity to make this package awesome for them. Can I count on you to do it?

Thank Others For Their Assistance

Thank and acknowledge others for their help. the person will feel that his or her time and energy were appreciated. In addition, you will likely be able to call on the person again in the future for assistance. People are glad to help those who appreciate their efforts. If you limit yourself to only the things you can do, your results will also be limited. If you have a good idea, think it through and show others how they can help achieve the desired result.