Restaurant Basics – First Impression

Annoying Impressions

restaurant first impression

How you can drive your customers away before they get to the table?

The first impression starts when the customers enter the restaurant. What they see, what they hear, and what they feel will affect how they think. Their first and last contact with your staff is usually in the lobby/entrance area. It presents an incredible opportunities to create goodwill. How you capitalize on those opportunities is up to you. Annoying impressions arise from actual contact with your staff. Awareness is the first step toward improving and solving a problem, here are opportunities to improve in the area of initial customer contact.

Bad Telephone Etiquette.

Talking On the Phone While Dealing With Customers.

Putting a person on hold for more than 40 seconds.

Letting the phone ring more than 3 times.

Not knowing operating hours, location, daily specials, and so on.

Answering the phone and saying only “hold, please”.

Treating telephone calls from customers as an intrusion.

Taking incomplete messages.

Not being acknowledge with eye contact and a smile within 30 seconds.

Negative body language.

Inaccurate estimates of waiting time for a table.

Not handling coats with care.